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Multiplayer APEX Missions are now live in Mass Effect: Andromeda

by: Kinsey -
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The devs behind Mass Effect: Andromeda didn't wait long for this (and thank goodness they didn't). The game's first free event, Multiplayer APEX missions, is now live, and once I turn in for the night you better believe I'm jumping right in. 

Starting right now, players can join the elite APEX forces and participate in the first of multiple story-based missions that feature new playable characters, items, and weapons. Each one lasts for a limited time, though, so be sure to keep up with them. In the first one, "Drack's Missing Scouts," players will investigate a new map, Firebase Paradox, for a potential kett threat.

If you're like me and are curious as to how this will be different from normal multiplayer, then go check it out now. "Drack's Missing Scouts" will only be available until March 27 (Monday), and I don't know if you could physically stop me from seeing what it's all about. I mean, the Gladiator? Just LOOK at her!