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Final livestream for Destiny's Age of Triumph

by: Rob -
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Destiny is slowly fading into it's farewell tour, preparing the way for Destiny 2 this fall. The major bit of content around that farewell is the Age of Triumph. The Age of Triumph will reintroduce old raids and gear at current light; introduces new playlists, modifiers, and rewards; and is all tracked in a 13 page Record Book spanning the entire Destiny experience and doling out even more rewards and goodies.

The Age of Triumph goes live with next week's weekly update, the one dropping March 28th. Tomorrow, at 10am Pacific (1 pm Eastern) will be the final livestream detailing the content and updates. The livestream will feature Bungie's 3D Character Artist, Ian McIntosh, and Senior Gameplay Designer, Josh Hamrick, and will of course be on Twitch at the Bungie channel: https://www.twitch.tv/bungie