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NVIDIA helps make Mass Effect: Andromeda an incredibly beautiful looking game

by: John -
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Mass Effect: Andromeda is coming this Tuesday and it's one of the most highly anticipated games of the year. A few of us on the staff have begun playing it via EA Access. 

If you're going to play on the PC, you're going to get some incredible visuals. In the video below, BioWare talks about some of the things that you can experience on the PC such as 4K resolution and HDR. 

NVIDIA's Ansel technology was also mentioned as not only as a way to take incredibly beautiful screenshots of the game, but also a tool to help the developers create these imaginative worlds. This is the first time I've actually hear a developer say they use this tool to help shape the game, which is pretty awesome. I can't wait to use Ansel to show off some of the beautiful environments that BioWare has created.

The Frostbite engine's power really shine on the PC and NVIDIA cards can help bring that to life on your monitor. If you have one of the newer GeForce cards and a monitor with 4K and HDR capabilities, your eyes will be in for a treat.

Check out this informative 4K video below and how NVIDIA partnered with BioWare to make Mass Effect: Andromeda a visually impressive game on the PC platform.