New Studio By Former WoW Developers To Release New Survival-Based MMORPG This Spring

by: Patrick -
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Three World of Warcraft developers founded a new independent games company, Frostkeep Studios, and premiered the trailer for their first game, Rend, at PAX East. 

According to AFKer Games, Solomon Lee, Mat Milizia and Jeremy Wood met fifteen years ago while working on the original World of Warcraft. They formed Frostkeep studios out of Irvine, California, assembling a team of developers and contractors whose works include WoW, League of Legends, and Project Titan/Overwatch, to develop Rend.

The company formed in April 2016 when the three decided they wanted to recreate the magic of the first World of Warcraft. According to their website, Frostkeep boasts a unique (awesome) method for development where "[t]he best idea wins out no matter where it comes from. It could come from a forum post, a reporter asking a question during an interview, or something I saw while browsing the internet." Honestly, seeing this much talent and experience get together to make independent games is really exciting. But what is Rend?

Rend is a hybrid fantasy/survival game that includes RPG elements, Rend places players in a fantasy world in the midst of war. Players will align with three factions, and will need to work together to survive the brutal setting. The game also uses RPG elements to tailor to different play styles and expand the way we play traditional survival games. With PvP and PvE, and a ton of other features to deepen gameplay, Rend promises a massive MMO with fierce competition. The game will launch Steam Early Access this spring.

Check out the trailer shown at PAX East below.