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Mass Effect: Andromeda is now live for those with EA Access

by: John -
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Are you one of those folks who's paying EA $5 a month? If you are, you can now play Mass Effect: Andromeda as the game's now live for people like you.

You won't be able to play past a certain point in the single player mode, but play as much as you want in multiplayer. For you to continue in the single player portion of the game, you'll have to wait until after the release date, which is March 21.

About the first ten hours is what you can experience, which isn't too shabby. I'm sure there'll be plenty of people that power their way through it in a short amount of time.

EA Access is only available on the Xbox One or PC, so sorry PlayStation 4 folks. You'll have to wait until the game's release to play if you're on that console.