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Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit available now plus item discounts

by: Aidan -
More On: Grand Theft Auto Online

The Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit update brings a ton of content. Not only does it bring new tracks and discounts on items, it brings a strong variety of various vehicles adding a great dimension to stunt races in GTA Online. With 20 new tracks available, new vehicles and Instant Access to Heists Vehicles plus item discounts squadding up with the crew has massive potential for banter. Double GTA$ & RP is available on all new 20 tracks until Wednesday 22nd. See below for the full race list and a great trailer.

Blazer Aqua: Beach Party | Into the Dam | Island Hopping | Storm Drain | Surf and Turf | Water Slide
Rocket Voltic: Ascent | Atmosphere | Bumblebee | Pulse | Redneck | The Loop | Zebra II
Ruiner 2000: Criss Cross | Damned | Drop Ship | Night Ride | Steeplechase | Target | Tube Rider