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Mid-Season reinforcements inbound for Rainbow Six Siege

by: Aidan -
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Today dawned with the release of the Mid-Season Reinforcement update for Rainbow Six Siege. The update fixes a number of bugs and issues with the game. For a full list of the fixes visit the official website. Other notable changes include changes to Glaz's Scope. The new scope will facilitate thermal optics when aiming down the sights. This allows Glaz to see enemies through smoke at an extended range. This will provide a great advantage to teams with strong communication skills. Twitch also receives some notable updates. The update introduces a new design for her offensive drones which include matching uniform, headgear, operator card, title, charm AND a signature victory animation. Those customisation options though. Other than the above major updates Docs overheal goes all the way to 140 and Buck gets a very handy extra round for his skeleton key gadget.

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