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Here, watch some new Friday the 13th: The Game, kills

by: Nathan -
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If you are on the east coast in the US, you are probably in your house right now and are braving out the apocalypse of this snow storm we are having right now. If you are living in New Hampshire like I am, it's just another day. Anyways, if you are hunkered down, why not watch Jason Voorhees slaughter camp counselors in this new Friday the 13: The Game trailer. 

Courtesy of Gamespot, this new trailer for the F13 game shows off all three maps that will be included in the final game as well as the first in game look at Jason from Part 8 and Part 9. Needless to say that this trailer is extremely graphic and nswf. 

Still no solid release date but the guys at Gun Media are still saying it's scheduled for an early 2017 release. 

Trailer courtesy of Gamespot

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