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The Phantom Thieves get ready for launch with a new Persona 5 trailer

by: Nathan -
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Persona 5 is almost here and Atlus has released a couple of trailers to hype up the release, which is currently less than a month away. The first trailer, which is a sizzle trailer / launch trailer gives a quick rundown of everything you can expect in Persona 5. We also got a new trailer as well for the Velvet Room assistants in Persona 5, Justine and Caroline as well.

On a side note, I think it's hilarious that they decided to name the protagonist "P5 Hero". 

The wait is finally almost over. Persona 5 was originally scheduled to be released in Winter of 2015 for the PS3. Obviously, it's way past Winter 2015 and the game is on the PS4 as well. Even though the game was delayed almost two years, I have confidence from everything I have seen and read so far that the wait till be well worth it. 

Persona 5 releases on PS4 and PS3 on April 4th. 

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