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Microsoft will soon let anyone create and publish Xbox One and WIndows 10 games

by: John -
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Microsoft is going to let anyone, and I mean anyone, create and publish Xbox One and Windows 10 games in the near future. The Xbox Live Creators Program will make it easy for inspiring developers to make and distribute their game to the masses on both the console and PC.

There are some limits though to the program. You won't be able to make a multiplayer game and achievements are also off limits. There's also a cost of up to $100 to be able to do this. Also, these games will be put in a separate area so they don't clutter up the main store.

But, if you are so inclined to, you can make a game and have it out there for others to enjoy. Remember, any Xbox One can be turned into a dev kit. And seeing as these games will be developed as Universal Windows Apps, they will also run on any Windows 10 machine as well provided the computer has the hardware to run games.

The program is in the preview stage right now, but should be opening up to the public in the near future.