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The first of SMITE's 2017 adventures kicks off with Nike's Valley to Victory

by: Nathan -
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In 2016 SMITE introduced some new, limited, game modes including Xing Tien's mountain and Fafnir's Wonderland. These events were a PVE style mode where you and four other teammates tried to fight through wave after wave of incresingly difficult challenges. Seriously, F that Lion. 

For 2017, the Hi-Rez team wants to introduce new game modes throughout the year with slight twists on them called "Adventures" and the first adventure is now live and is called "Nike's Valley to Victory". In this new game mode, you play as five specific gods against a team of the same five gods in a game of Capture the Flag. The map for the new Capture the Flag mode is completely new and there are also some new abilities that your god can utilize when they are carrying the flag.

Also with this event comes a new bundle which you can buy for 700 gems which unlocks exclusive content including a new Nike skin, a global emote, a music theme, and 15 team worshipers boosts. You also get a gold key which is used to unlock a single exclusive skin during the Adventure and new skins will be added throughout the year.


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