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Gallipoli! Verdun! The Somme? Battlefield 1 DLC details annoucned

by: Aidan -
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Today Dice and EA revealed news on the four all new DLC's coming for Battlefield 1. The DLC's will include fighting for the French at Verdun, fighting as a Russian during the Brusilov Offensive (one of the biggest in the war), amphibious fighting and the final DLC will include some of the most infaous battles of the war.

History buffs rejoice! If you want to brush up on the historical importance of these fighting grounds I'd really suggest watching The Great War with Indie Lidle on Youtube. Short, concise and well documented episodes on what happened during the war. having an understanding of the historical background of the battles available in the upcoming DLC's will add meaning and substance to 'just another' Battlefield installment. 

They Shall Not Pass

Will see players fighting as the French during the battle(s) for Verdun, Fort de Vaux and even participate in the largest tank battle of the war by the Aisne riverbanks.

In the Name of the Tsar

This is the big one! The Brusilov Offensive! One of the biggest military offensives in human history, and we get to serve the Tsar of Russia in battle. Not only is the Brusilov Offensive an amazing story, the background to Russia's involvement in the war is as equally as interesting. Check out Rasputin and his involvement in with the Tsar and the war.

Turning Tides

This DLC will focus on the roles of naval vessels and amphibious campaigns during the war. Zeebrugge raids and the Gallipoli offensive are but a taste of whats coming with this DLC. A new destroyer will be available for naval clashes and maybe, just maybe we get to board enemy ships. Check out Churchill, the leader of Britain during WW2 and how we was stripped of his admiralty during the Gallipoli campaign.


Dice have yet to reveal what will be included in this DLC. They boast that the most infamous battles will be available to the players. The Somme's gotta be in there somewhere!