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Is Blizzard dangling Doomfist over our heads in Overwatch?

by: Kinsey -
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Okay, okay, okay, I'm calm. Except no, I'm not, because DOOMFIST. 

If you have access to Overwatch's Playable Test Realm and have logged in today, you might have noticed that the intro music is a little different. No, I'm not talking different like Year-of-the-Rooster different; I'm talking this-music-was-in-one-of-the-original-cinematics-for-the-game different.

Maybe you recall this little trailer? Caused a tiny bit of a stir. Well, the music now playing in the PTR menu is the same music that plays at the very beginning of the original Overwatch cinematic trailer, in which Reaper and Widowmaker attempt to steal Doomfist's gauntlet. 

I'm going to repeat that, just to let it sink in. Doomfist's. Gauntlet. 

Now, there's really no way of telling whether this actually has something to do with the possibility of an upcoming Doomfist in the game itself (or just Blizzard doing something... interesting with an ARG) but chances are good. They're especially good when you remember that the previous PTR update contained a 3D-rendered model of the glass on the Numbani payload. The shattered glass. You know, the shattered glass that contains (or contained?) Doomfist's gauntlet.

Let's not forget that Terry Crews recently paid a visit to Blizzard. And mentioned - you guessed it - Doomfist.

This is confirmation of absolutely nothing. However, given Blizzard's history with embedded hints, ARGs, and even outright teasing, it's also not something to be overlooked. Are they hinting at Doomfist's debut? Do they have something else planned? No matter what, we're sure to find out more soon.

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