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Overwatch's Year of the Rooster coming to a close

by: Kinsey -
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This is just your friendly neighborhood Gaming Nexus reminder that one of Overwatch's many seasonal events, Year of the Rooster, officially shuts down at some point tomorrow (February 13). 

It's been a cool, if slightly controversial (ex. the skinny Mei glitch) event, what with the new Capture the Rooster arcade mode and the usual plethora of new skins/sprays/highlight intros/emotes/etc. No word yet on whether or not Blizzard plans to incorporate Capture the Rooster into future arcade playlists, but we know for sure that, as usual, all of the unlockables are going to become unavailable tomorrow. 

But when tomorrow, you might ask? Well, in typical Blizzard fashion, they haven't told us. It could be anywhere from early afternoon (a la Junkenstein's Terror) to late at night (a la Winter Wonderland) so it's best to get all your desired loot by noon or so tomorrow, or by tonight if you're especially paranoid. Like me. 

If you've got the time, grind levels for loot boxes; that should give you a strong chance of getting something you like, or at the very least earning you some credits via duplicate items. Be aware, though: all of the seasonal prices are tripled, so if you're desperate for one of those Mei skins then that might not be enough. 3000 is a lot to shell out for one skin - but hey, if you want it enough, have at it.

Blizzard, please give us specific end times. Pretty please.

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