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Stellaris getting first full-length expansion

by: Nicholas -
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Stellaris, a 2016 scifi RTS, is getting its first big expansion in Stellaris: Utopia. 

There are multiple additions coming with it, including abilities that the player can use to evolve their species, focusing on different areas such as synthetics or biology, with multiple paths therein. 

As the name suggests, Stellaris: Utopia will also allow for the building of a whole new society, basically letting the player go all Thomas More on their species in this new expansion. Basically, you can decide whether certain species you control will get their inalienable rights. 

There will also be new space stations to build in order to house bigger populations. 

You can also construct a Dyson Sphere(!)

As yet, there is no release date listed for the expansion.

Take a look for yourself for more info.

You can watch the strangely dystopian trailer for Stellaris: Utopia, below.

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