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Season 4 of SMITE has begun

by: Nathan -
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The dust has settled on Season 3 of SMITE and the SMITE World Championships, and today, SMITE is changing in big ways as Season 4 is now live. 

With a new season, that also brings big changes to the main game mode of SMITE, "Conquest". There are way too many changes to list here but some of them include changing the timers for when certain camps spawn in the jungle. New buff camps, brand new items, changes to other items and new consumables called "

Also in season 4, the Clash game mode has gotten a complete visual overhaul and is now an Egyptian themed map complete with a new map layout, jungle bosses and new Jungle camps. 

The other big change is that the Big Baby himself "Vamana" has received a complete visual reworking.

Of course with every new patch, there are tons of new skins as well including "Such Cold" Skadi (I still can't believe this is real), "Iron Tyrant" Xing Tian along with Nike and Ullr's new updated Mastery Skins. 

For the full list of Season 4 patch notes, be sure to check out SMITE's official website. Also be sure to check out the video below giving a quick overview of all of the Season 4 changes. 


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