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From the publisher that brought you Spring Breakers comes Gorogoa

by: Randy -
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Gorogoa is on my indie games watchlist, even though I'm rarely into pure puzzle games. Just look at the sharp-pointed graphite drawings in this video. It's all designed, developed, and illustrated by Jason Roberts—going under the company name Buried Signal. It looks as though Buried Signal finally found a publisher, since much of what we're seeing in the lite making-of video below is very similar to what we saw of Gorogoa two-and-a-half years ago.

As I'm watching some of Gorogoa's puzzling gameplay in action, it's easy to see that we're witnessing a mind working on a different level here. I hope Buried Signal is working on a hand-holding tutorial, too, because even as I'm watching these puzzles slide and swoop past one another, press into and pull away of one another, I'm having trouble processing just how any of this is supposed to work. I'm not disparaging what I'm seeing. I'm fairly desperate to know how it'll all come together. This older gameplay video has a cleaner representation, front to back, how one puzzle is solved.

Delicate butterfly wings of color swim through an Old World European cityscape. Then a boy with a bowl steps out of a closet in one panel, while a crown-shaped doorway stands before a rock wall in another, a blackbird perches silently on a tree branch in a third, as an apple plummets into that original blue bowl that the boy brought out of the closet from under the stairs in the final panel (huff huff). I'm stunned and amazed. I get it that there are cuts in the action, but I want to know how I can solve those puzzles.

Gorogoa is a one-man project, but it's to be published by Annapurna Interactive, the newly formed video game arm of Annapurna Pictures (which has put out stellar films like Zero Dark Thirty, Spring Breakers, and, uh, Sausage Party? Ignore Sausage Party. Look at the pretty hand-drawn pictures in Gorogoa instead. Look at them.)

Gorogoa is coming to PC in Spring 2017. Finally.

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