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Live Fire and new maps coming in next Titanfall 2 update

by: Nicholas -
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If you like fast-paced scifi-shooter action that takes inspiration from competitive paintball matches, then Respawn Entertainment has got you covered in their next content update for Titanfall 2

The new mode is called Live Fire, and pits two six-pilot(only) teams against each other in sixty second matches. In an interview with Frontier News Network (Titanfall 2's blog,) designer Griffin Dean said that the new game mode, inspired by speedball paintball matches, is all about "forward momentum" and laying out good plans for outmaneuvering the opposing team.

The game also has a capture the flag element to it in that whichever team holding the flag at the end of the round, wins. 

Two maps, made for Live Fire, will also be accompanying the game mode. The maps are designed with "controlled sight-lines, choke points, and flank routes."

Live Fire and its new maps are expected to drop in February.

The end of the post also announced a revamped map, Colony, coming in the update after this one.

You can read the entire blog post here.

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