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Mad Catz announces Tekken 7 licensed fight sticks

by: Nathan -
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Tekken 7 will launch on June 2nd for the PS4, Xbox One and the PC and with a high profile fighting game like this, fight sicks are inevitable. Mad Catz has announced that an official line of Tekken 7 themed fight sticks and fight pads will be releasing later this year for the PS3 and PS4. The TE2+ line of sticks uses the same Sanwa parts featured in Japanese arcades and are designed to withstand even the highest amounts of salt and intense play. 

These fight sticks also have a removable bezel and a clear plastic cover on the top of the case so you can easily remove the artwork included and swap it you for your own. The other thing that is cool about these stick is that you can open them up so you can access the inner workings of the stick. You can store parts in the inside compartment, or if you are so inclined you can even mod the stick by swapping out all of the parts. 

No information yet on release dates or prices but you can go to their official website and sign up to be informed when the sticks will be available for pre-order.

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