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Mass Effect: Andromeda trial out five days before launch for Access subscribers

by: Kinsey -
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That's it, Mass Effect: Andromeda, you win. I'm getting Access just because I can't wait five days.

Normally, I'd feel the slightest bit ashamed at this impatience. Like, it's a trial. The game is coming out not even a week later than this. But boy, is it a hefty trial. EA plans to release 10 hours of it for Access subscribers  - and no, that isn't a typo. No, I didn't mean one. 10. That's 10 hours you can play before the game actually releases, and 10 hours of progress that'll (of course) carry over once you actually purchase the game.

So maybe I'm a little hyped up. But there is a catch; it's only for Access subscribers - Origin Access on PC and EA Access on Xbox One. It looks like PS4 players might be left out of the loop on this one. Stay hopeful, though; there's still that upcoming multiplayer beta, and the platforms on which it'll be available haven't been confirmed yet.

According to current plans, the trial will open up on March 16, and - as if you haven't seen me say it enough - the full game will be released on March 21 in the United States (March 23 in Europe).