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New details revealed for Mass Effect: Andromeda

by: Kinsey -
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This is a two-parter, all. Buckle up for these teensy tidbits.

Take this first one with a grain of salt, but if you're as starved for Mass Effect: Andromeda information as I am then that might not matter too much to you. Reddit user typherio recently posted that they got their hands on an issue of next month's PC Gamer magazine, which (gasp) has some new tidbits about the upcoming Mass Effect game. 

Now, assuming this person is telling the truth (and honestly, we don't really have reason to say that they aren't) here's a brief summary of what they found.

  • No more Dodge Roll. It's been replaced with a Dash, allowing for more mobile combat. You can also aim mid-jump.
  • The Paragon/Renegade system has been replaced with a "4 chat" option - head, heart, casual, and professional - so your Ryder isn't limited to pure kindness or pure meanness.
  • There are different types of planets, one type of which seems to be an open-exploration story planet.
  • Environmental hazards are a thing (think Mass Effect 1 and No Man's Sky).
  • There was apparently a team from Need for Speed involved in the design and testing of the Nomad.
  • In the Horde Mode multiplayer, you pick what class you want to play before the start of the match.

That's not all, though. This next bit comes straight from lead designer Ian Frazier and senior designer Justin Perez, who both confirmed that players will be able to craft and name their own weapons. This is the first game in the franchise where you will be able to do so, though it's not the first game from BioWare; they seem to be taking a page from Dragon Age: Inquisition's book. I'm not complaining; I can't wait to make a weapon and give it the most absurd name possible.

Mass Effect: Andromeda comes out on March 21 in North America and March 23 in Europe for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC.