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Path of Exile coming exclusively to Xbox One

by: Kinsey -
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Grinding Gear Games announced recently that Path of Exile, their popular online ARPG released in the olden days of 2013, is slated to make an appearance on Xbox One sometime this year.

Path of Exile is a dark action RPG with over 16 million players worldwide. Players can explore the fantasy world of Wraeclast over and over, since the levels are randomly generated for pretty much endless replayability, and choose between cooperation and competition with countless other Exiles. It is free to play, but even though it features a strong online item economy it doesn't sell items that can provide competitive advantages over other players.

You won't only be getting the base game, though. The Xbox One version will contain all five expansions as well as the new content set to launch for PC - the huge 3.0.0 expansion. Yep, the one that includes Act V. 

A solid release date has not yet been announced, so keep an eye out for Path of Exile's debut on Xbox One.

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