Call of Cthulhu gets a new trailer

by: Chuck -
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Cyanide has been pretty quiet about Call of Cthulhu since it was announced at E3 last year.  That changes today with the release of the "Depths of Madness" trailer that you can check out below.  

In the game you will play current private eye and future mental patient Edward Pierce as he investigates the murder of an acclaimed artist and her family on their island near Boston.  As you play the game you'll discover that the family was dabbling with powers that they know nothing about and have managed to unleash something terrible on the world.  

The trailer checks all of the boxes you would expect for a Cthulhu game as you've got mysterious deaths, mutilated animal corpses, tentacles, and someone questioning reality in front of a mirror.  We haven't had a good Cthulhu game in years so hopefully this one will be good when it's released later this year.

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