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Overwatch's "Year of the Rooster" kicks off January 24

by: Kinsey -
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Blizzard's just spoiling us with Overwatch seasonals, aren't they? It seems like their winter event just ended, and now they've put another one on the table for us. This time, it's the Chinese New Year, celebrating the Year of the Rooster (as you might have guessed). 

As for specifics, well...just bear in mind that it's a Blizzard seasonal. Aside from leaks, we're not going to get many specifics. There'll be skins, emotes, and voice lines galore, I bet, but we've got two skins on the board that we can be pretty sure we're getting. Mei is the most obvious, which probably comes as a welcome surprise if you, like many others, were disappointed by her Christmas legendary. We also might be getting one for, and my personal opinion? That hanbok she's wearing in the promo is downright gorgeous. It's about time she got something that wasn't skintight. Here's hoping it makes it into the actual patch. 

Overwatch's Year of the Rooster goes live on January 24, so make sure you've got enough gold stocked up.

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