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Nintendolife weights the pros and cons of the Switch

by: Sean Colleli -
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Nintendolife has been covering every aspect of the recent Nintendo Switch presentation and now they have a summary of where they feel the console is. I'm pretty much in  agreement with all of their thoughts here on the good and the bad. The Switch is impressive, promising hardware and excellent build quality packed into a small package with the potential to reach a more mobile, image-conscious consumer.

The problem is that Nintendo seems to be unwittingly sabotaging all the good will they've built up for the Switch. Aside from Zelda--which is sorely overdue--there aren't any killer apps at launch which leads to a pretty disappointing launch window lineup. Their tech demo collection 1-2-Switch costs $50 when it should be packed in. The pricing for various peripherals and accessories are so high as to be arrogant and insulting. Nintendo's online service has always been objectively inferior to the competition but now they have the nerve to ask for us to pay a monthly fee for it, with no real incentives.

To be honest I was a lot more excited about the Switch after the October 2016 reveal teaser than I am now after the full presentation. I still preordered one because the tech looks promising and I want to play Zelda on hardware that can handle it, but if Nintendo wants this console to be anything more than another Wii U-sized failure they really need to rethink their value and pricing strategy, and get some serious third party games in the pipeline.

Source: Nintendolife