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Check out this new gameplay trailer for Friday the 13th

by: Nathan -
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The Friday the 13th game got a brand new trailer and looks like it confirms that the Misfits will be part of the games official soundtrack when it launches. 

Couple of things of note from this video. First off, it looks like Jason now has throwing knives that he can throw at the counselors to slow them down. It also appears that you can actually kill counselors as a counselor yourself if you run them over with the car. I certainly didn't notice that when I was playing the beta, haha. 

The game will also use the song "Friday the 13th" By the band The Misfits. Seems like this song will play on the radio and will a way to distract Jason whenever he is nearby. 

Friday the 13th has no solid release date yet but is scheduled for an "Spring 2017" release. 

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