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Games Done Quick has officially raised over 2 million dollars for charity

by: Nathan -
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Awesome Games Done Quick has sadly reached the end of the week long, 24/7 marathon of incredibly talented gamers speed running games in an effort to raise money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

This year, GDQ has smashed their previous record and set a new milestone as the event has raised over 2 million dollars for charity. The final run, an Undertale True Pacifist Run is happening right now and as I type this, GDQ has reached $2,100,000 dollars and that amount is constantly climbing. 

If you did miss out on the action, you can catch all of it on their official Twitch page as all of their runs are current available via video on demand. To help you out if there is a certain game you want to see, the mods over at r/Speedrun on Reddit have put together a fantastic VOD guide of all of the games ran this year. 


Watch live video from GamesDoneQuick on

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