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Ultra Street Fighter 2: The Final Challengers announced for Nintendo Switch

by: Nathan -
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Well this kinda came out of nowhere. Does this count as an official update in the Street Fighter 2 series of games? If it does, then that means that Street Fighter 2 is getting another update 14 years after the last update, which I believe was Hyper Street Fighter 2 back in 2003. 

Capcom has announced that Ultra Street Fighter 2: The Final Challengers will be released on the Nintendo Switch. No release date has been announced just yet. Judging by the screen shot, this looks like a port of the Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo: HD Remix that was released back in 2008, but there are actually new characters in this game including Evil Ryu and Violent Ken. 

Here is a description of the new characters... 

This version of Ryu has succumbed to the Satsui no Hado and is now obsessed with fighting in order to prove he is the strongest. His former honorable self has been purged, allowing him to enjoy absolute power and embrace an unquenchable bloodthirst for battle.

Violent Ken is the result of M. Bison kidnapping and brainwashing Ken, enhancing his abilities with Psycho Power and twisting his brotherly rivalry with Ryu into hatred. Violent Ken is more ruthless, aggressive, and fearless with moves that feature purple flames instead of his signature fire.

You can also choose to play the game with classic pixel sprites or with HD Graphics by Udon Entertainment. The description says that two players can use the Joy-Con controllers to battle the CPU together, so I wonder if there is going to be some kind of tag team mode added in the game. 

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