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Mario Kart 8 is also coming to the Nintendo Switch

by: Nathan -
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How about that Nintendo Switch huh? Nintendo's presentation just ended and we got our first big hands on look a that the system and some games coming to it. There was one game that was missing from the presentation aside from the sizzle reel and that is Mario Kart. 

I'm not sure why this wasn't shown at the Switch presentation but Mario Kart 8 Deluxe will also be hitting the Nintendo Switch on April 28th. I thought all the Mario Kart footage was from Mario Kart 9 but this version will have to hold you off until Mario Kart 9 is inevitably announced down the line. This version of Mario Kart 8 looks like it has all of the content and DLC from the Wii-U release, plus a brand new Splatoon themed map and the inklings as characters.