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Meet your new spaceship and space car in Mass Effect: Andromeda

by: Kinsey -
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So we knew it was called the Tempest. That was info given to us in the early days. But now, BioWare has released the third of its six Andromeda Initiative briefings for their upcoming game Mass Effect: Andromeda, in which the Tempest's pilot gives you an up close and personal tour of your "replacement Normandy" - and of course, the Nomad, the "replacement Mako."

I could go into detail about the two vehicles here, but why do that when I can just let the pilot, Kallo Jath (who sounds like a salarian to me - thoughts?), brag about it himself? Check out the video below, first released on EA's promotional website. 

No word yet on whether the Nomad will carry on in the Mako's gravity-defying footsteps.