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Newest SMITE patch introduces The Morrigan and tons of skins

by: Nathan -
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The SMITE World Championship is well underway at HRX this weekend so these patch notes aren't that big but there are a lot of goodies here. 

First up is the first Celtic goddess added into the game, The Morrigan. I already discussed Morrigan in my previous post, so check that out if you want info on all her abilities and her gameplay trailer. 

There are also tons of skins in this new patch including... 

  • "Woodland Rogue" The Morrigan
  • "Spriggan" Terra
  • "Oak-Seer" Artemis
  • "Eldirtch" Ra
  • "Drums Out" Raijin
  • "Spectral Sword" Ares
  • "Hou Ru Kai" Hou Yi
  • "Team Allegiance" Athena

Finally, Hou Yi, Ra and Cabraken are getting their updated mastery skins. 

Also beginning in this patch is the "Path of the Phantom Queen" event. This even will be like the Viking Invasion event from last year where you can earn exclusive skins just by playing. This time around, the event will be a board game of sorts where you will need to complete objectives to proceed. 

You will have to buy into the event if you want to participate by paying either $10 or by being a Twitch Prime member. If you are a member of Twitch Prime, you get into the event for free. Remember that if you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you will get Twitch Prime as part of that subscription. 

By buying into the event, you will automatically earn these items. 

  • Spriggan Terra
  • Oak-Seer Artemis
  • Celtic Loading Frame
  • Celtic Music Theme
  • Druid Shrine Pedestal

Finishing the board game will get you the following rewards 

  • Woodland Rogue Morrigan
  • Cutesy The Morrigan Avatar

Reminder that when this patch, the Odyssey event will officially end, and thus your chance at getting the special Anubis skin is gone forever. 

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