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SMITE's first Celtic god, The Morrigan, is just.... JUST.... wow

by: Nathan -
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HRX or Hi-Rez Expo is currently underway and so is the 2017 SMITE World Championships. HRX will run from today, Thursay the 5th through Sunday the 8th and 

The one thing that people look forward to the most coming out of HRX is information on the next season of SMITE. We already knew that we would be getting a brand new Pantheon in Season 4 of SMITE, the Celtic Pantheon, and today, Hi-Rez rolled back the red curtain on the first Celtic goddess, The Morrigan, Phantom Queen. 

Morrigan's passive is called "Doomsayer". The third hit from her basic attack will do damage overtime to each enemy within range of the attack. Her first ability "Deadly Aspects" will spawn an additional Morrigan to her left and right and will all deal damage together. Her second ability "Dark Omen" launches a projectile at enemies. If enemies are hit they will have an omen applied to them. Enemies marked with an Omen will take additional damage the next time they are hit by an allied ability. Her third ability is "Confusion". The Morrigan creates a clone of herself. While the clone is out, The Morrigan herself becomes stealthed and gains additional movement speed. Her ultimate is called "Changeling" where she can transform to any allied or enemy god that is currently on either team. 

Wait..... okay... let's go over this again. ................. SHE CAN TRANSFORM INTO ANY GOD THAT IS CURRENTLY IN THE GAME ON EITHER TEAM! THIS IS SOME SHANG TSUNG BS RIGHT HERE! Can you just imagine? Someone on your team uses an Ares ult and the entire team pops beads. Morrigan is just like "lol f your beads" and transforms into Ares, and then pops his ult again. Not only that, she also gains all of their stats and items. Good lord. This is by far the craziest ultimate they have introduced into the game so far and I am absolutely terrified by this. Another example would be this. Say your enemy is really lol and uses their escape and starts to recall back to base. If the enemy team has a Neith, you can just transform into Neith and use her global ultimate to secure the kill. 

I am excited about a new Pantheon and love Morrigan's design and her kit, but I am also terrified by that Ultimate ability. It's going to be a huge game changer. Also, if a team gets Morrigan on Assault, it's all over. 

No word yet on when The Morrigan will debut but my assumption would be when the Season 4 patch goes live, some time late this month or early next month. 

Be sure to check out her debut trailer below. To catch all the action from Hi-Rez Expo this weekend, be sure to check out their official Twitch Page.

There are also special rewards you can unlock by linking your Twitch Prime account with your Hi-Rez Account. You can link your accounts at the following page If you are an Amazon Prime members, you get Twitch Prime for free. 

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