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CES 2017: HTC unveils a new head strap and tracker for the HTC Vive

by: John -
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While I am most excited about wireless HTC Vive add-ons that will make the solution completely tether free like the TPCAST, there's a few more new products coming from HTC that should enhance the VR experience.

First up is a new audio headstrap attachment. One of the things the Oculus Rift has going for it is an integrated audio solution with headphones attached to the headstrap. HTC is going to produce a new strap that will also have adjustable headphones built in and a dial to tighten it around your head like some welding helmets have. I've read of people doing welding mask mods to their Vive to make them more comfortable so HTC went that route.

No word on how much it will cost but it will be available in Q2 of 2017.

Second, HTC is making individual trackers that you can place on real world objects. So for those that want to use their own golf club or baseball bat, there will soon be an attachment that can facilitate that in VR. Of course, games have to be programmed to use it, but at least there will be an option out for making any real world object trackable. I actually see a good use of these for tracking your feet and legs. 

While both products look great, I do hope HTC fixes their shipping prices when ordering directly from them. They're still pretty outrageous. Nevertheless, I'm really looking forward to both items this year.

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