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After a month in PTR, Overwatch releases new control map Oasis

by: Kinsey -
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Today, Overwatch released their new map - Oasis - after weeks in the PTR. Though the game is by no means behind the times, this map is a step forward in players' interactions with the environment - beyond just falling off of cliffs.

Oasis is a control map like Nepal and Ilios, with three areas in which teams must compete to capture and retain an objective. These areas (Gardens, University, and City Center) are fairly small, but certainly sizable and intricate enough to lose a pursuer if you're on your last legs - or, if you're in City Center, knock them into traffic. Gravity is no longer the only environmental hazard in the game; you have to look both ways before crossing the street, or else you'll get absolutely nailed into next week by a futuristic car. And of course, Overwatch never fails to disappoint on the aesthetic front, making this an overall well-rounded addition to the ever-expanding game.

Oasis is now live on all Overwatch servers with the most recent update.

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