World of Tanks getting graphical overhaul, better matchmaking

by: Randy -
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Friendly reminder: World of Tanks is huge. There's a reason it's been ported to every PC and console this side of Nintendo. With World of Tanks' success, developer isn't taking any breaks in 2017.

First and foremost, they're working a new template into matchmaking, taking under consideration the harshest criticisms and most constructive feedback they've received over the years. They've also introduced a new game engine. With the new engine they'll begin reworking the maps, technically and artistically, to bring the visuals into the HD era. Also, they're reworking the tank tree, of course. Top Tier 10 light tanks are a priority, integrating new light tanks into all nations, and massaging the existing ones. Considerable changes are coming to the top German heavy tanks, as well as diversifying the top branches of other top-shelf heavy tanks. 

World of Tanks launched on PC in 2010. It's since made it onto Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The latest launch was on PlayStation 4 in January of last year.

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