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Don't forget that Overwatch's holiday event ends on January 2

by: Kinsey -
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I know, I know, Overwatch's Winter Wonderland has been going on for a good chunk of December, but I'm posting about it again to remind everyone that the current event is set to end sometime on January 2.

The reason I mention this news-not-news is just as a heads-up so fewer of us get blindsided like we did during Overwatch Halloween Terror. As you might recall, that event was set to end at 4pm PST, but Blizzard pulled the plug on that an hour early, locking furious players out of their exclusive holiday skins, sprays, emotes, and everything else until next year (that is, if Blizzard does end up recycling holiday exclusives). 

There's no concrete indication on whether or not Blizzard will do this again for the ending of Winter Wonderland. For those of you who refuse to buy loot boxes and just choose to grind, hoping to either get lucky or earn enough gold to buy your loot, watch the time. If this is anything like Halloween, it'll end sometime around midday PST, so make sure to have everything you desperately want (like that beautiful Symmetra highlight intro or the Mercy victory pose that I not-so-secretly adore) by the morning of January 2 at the latest. Just to be safe, of course.

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