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Big sales still on at major digital retailers

by: Rob -
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Don't forget there are still great discounts available through the New Year at just about every major digital retailer for consoles and PC. 

  • The Steam Winter Sale is still ongoing until January 2nd with up to 75% off new and old titles and a changing lineup every day.
  • The Microsoft Store has their Countdown Sale on through January 9th with deals up to around 60% off games like Watch Dogs 2, FIFA 17 and more.
  • The Playstation Network is in the 4th and final week of the Holiday Sale with up to 75% off games like Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1.

I always stock up on games at this time and just spend the rest of the year catching up on playing them. I'd rather go deep with a few quality ones than shallowly play through every new release. Besides, I don't have the time or extra scratch in my wallet to chase the latest and greatest over the yearly release cycle, so letting the dust settle after the reviews are out and cherry picking the best titles is the strategy that works for me. It's great to supplement my annual holiday haul with one or two new releases throughout the year, but any more and I usually find even brand new games don't immediately find their way into my playing rotation amongst all the older ones I'm knee deep in on a first run or classics I just can't stop coming back to.

So do what ever works for you, but for me now is the time to backload my library for the next 12 months, and these sales are the way to do it.