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More footage from Free Radical's cancelled Battlefront 3 has been leaked

by: Chapel -
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Battlefront 3 has become one of the most frequently talked about cancelled projects ever. Footage from the early builds have been leaking for what seems like a decade, way before EA ever got their hands on the license. Yet still, somehow, footage continues to eke out once in a blue moon. The footage this time, however, maybe some of the most extensive we've ever seen.

It takes the form of a single player mission, something that may sting a little for fans who are unhappy with the multiplayer only 2015 Battlefront (and on the sorely missed Mos Eisley map, no less). It even begins with a classic Star Wars opening crawl, and is complete with actual objectives that go beyond "capture the command post." It's really interesting to see, especially now that the series has been reestablished by a different group. Battlefront almost went in an entirely different direction.

You can watch both parts of the footage below. Beware the abysmal audio quality, though; you may want to turn your speakers down.

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