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Rainbow Six Seige holiday challenges

by: Michelle -
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In celebration of the one year anniversary and the winter holidays, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege has released a series of challenges and rewards available now through January 3rd of 2017. Here is a schedule of the challenges and the rewards available:

Christmas Challenge: 12/20-12/27

Challenges: Do 10 kills with gadgets/melee
Reward: Sneaky Santa Charm

Challenges: Do 20 kills with gadgets/melee
Reward: Tactical Santa Charm

Challenges: Do 30 kills with gadgets/melee
Reward: Christmas Pattern 1

New Year’s Eve Challenge: 12/27-1/3

Challenges: MVP with 4000 Score
Reward: Disco Ball Charm

Rainbow Six Anniversary Challenges: 12/20-12/27

Win 10 rounds with GIGN and Twitch’s shock drone charm.


Win 10 rounds with FBI SWAT Operators and score Castle's Icon charm as a reward.

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