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Now Loading for the week of 12/19/2016

by: Jeremy -
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We are officially crawling through to the end of the year. This week is almost as slow as it will get, at least until next week, when it will likely be even slower. The Walking Dead is our headliner for this week as Telltale releases the first episode of the series’ third season. This has arguably been their biggest franchise out of all of the adventure games that they have released over the past couple of years, so you can expect some good things to come out of it just like we have seen in previous seasons.

Those who are aching for some old-school, platforming fun should give serious consideration to Shantae: Half-Genie Hero. The Shantae games have been huge on the 3DS with their solid and fast-paced platforming, but this marks the first time that the franchise has been released in HD. You can expect a good mix of old-school gameplay mechanics with some seriously gorgeous visuals and animations.

Fighting fans are getting their first piece of content for the second season of Street Fighter V. The 2017 season for the game will consist of 6 new characters in total, releasing every couple of months throughout the next year. The first character will drop this Tuesday and be the only returning face that we see joining the roster, at least if Capcom sticks to their word. That familiar face is none other than the demon himself, Akuma.

What’s on your shopping list for this week?

  • 12 Labours of Hercules: Race for Olympus for PC
  • 3D Arcade Fishing for PC
  • 99Vidas: The Game for PC
  • Able Black for PC
  • Acro Storm for PC
  • BasementVR for PC
  • Behind the Memory for PC
  • Binary Trigger for PC
  • Bunnyrama for PC
  • Crazy Max VR for PC
  • A Demon’s Game, Episode 1 for PC
  • Desolate Wastes: Vendor Chronicles for PC
  • Downward for PC
  • Duo for PC
  • Eagle Flight for PC
  • EEP 13 for PC
  • Entschuldigung for PC
  • Escape the Bunker for PC
  • Game Royale 2: The Secret of Jannis Island for PC
  • Gooblins for PC
  • Grab the Bottle for PC
  • Happy Room for PC
  • Heroine Anthem Zero for PC
  • Juno’s Darkest Hour for PC
  • Mass Exodus for PC
  • MasterCook 15 for PC
  • MegaTron for PC
  • Neptune: Arena FPS for PC
  • No Seat? for PC
  • Quack Attack 1985: Turbo DX Edition for PC
  • Quizality: Christmas for PC
  • Revenge of the Spirit: Rite of Resurrection for PC
  • Revival Reset for PC
  • Rising for PC
  • Robot City Stadium for PC
  • Serious Sam VR: The First Encounter for PC
  • Shantae: Half-Genie Hero for Vita, PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Wii U
  • Smash Party VR for PC
  • SOS: Special Operative Stories for PC
  • SoulHunt for PC
  • Space Slam for PC
  • Street Fighter V: 2017 Season Character, Akuma for PC and PS4
  • Sullen for PC
  • SwingStar VR for PC
  • A Tale of Chaos: Overture for PC
  • Twisted for PC
  • The Walking Dead, Season 3, Episode 1: A New Frontier for PS4, Xbox One, PC
  • Wanderer: The Rebirth for PC
  • Wanderland for PC
  • Weird Creatures for PC
  • Xmas Zombie Rampage for PC