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Bully: Scholarship Edition added to the Xbox One backwards compatibility list

by: Nathan -
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Backwards Compatibility on the Xbox One is awesome. I'm gonna need a bigger hard drive because it's currently being filled with all BC games like all of the Mass Effect's, SSX, Red Dead Redemption and my hard drive will continue to grow as Bully: Scholarship Edition has been added to the program.

Despite it's popularity and great reviews, I almost feel like Bully is kind of a forgotten gem. When talking about Rockstar games, everyone always mentions Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption or LA Noire, but Bully kinda gets forgotten. If you haven't played this game already, now is absolutely the time to do so. 

Now all we need is Bully 2. Hey, Red Dead 2 was announced soon after it was added to the Backwards Compatibility list, hopefully a sequel to Bully is right around the corner. Hopefully.