Noclip looks at the making of Doom

by: Sean Colleli -
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Doom is probably my favorite game of the year but making it was a long, difficult journey. Noclip goes behind the scenes of id Software to look at the making of Doom in a new three-part documentary, Doom Resurrected. Part one, To Hell and Back, looks at the game's evolution from its early existence as Doom 4 to its reboot into an action-oriented homage to the 90s classic that started it all.

This is fascinating for me because I figured we would never get to see the long-cancelled Doom 4, but in this documentary id pulls back the curtain for a few glimpses of what they call Doom 4 1.0. Sometimes I wonder what it would've been like to play a narrative-focused, Rage-inspired sequel to Doom 3, but then again I'm very satisfied with how 2016's Doom reboot turned out.