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WWE 2K17's next DLC pack is the New Moves Pack and it's available now

by: Nathan -
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The next batch of DLC for WWE 2K17 is here and this time it's this years "New Moves Pack". The new moves pack will include over 50 brand new wrestling moves which you can assign to the wrestlers already in the game, or you can assign them to your created wrestlers.

Here are just some of the new moves available. 

  • Fireball Punch - Xavier Woods
  • Sit-Out Chickenwing Facebuster - Dean Ambrose 
  • Swingout Neckbreaker - Charlotte Flair
  • The Elbro Drop - Zack Ryder
  • Face Wash Combo - Samoa Joe
  • TJP Clutch - TJ Perkins

The New Moves Pack will be free if you purchased the season's pass. If you didn't, it will set you back $3.99. 

2K today announced that WWE 2K17’s New Moves Pack is now available as downloadable content, enabling access to a wide variety of in-game moves. Examples include the Swingout Neckbreaker (made popular by WWE Superstar Charlotte); the Elbro Drop (made popular by WWE Superstar Zack Ryder); the Face Wash Combo (made popular by NXT Superstar Samoa Joe); and the TJP Clutch (made popular by WWE Superstar T.J. Perkins). The New Moves Pack is available for $3.99 and is also included as part of the game’s Season Pass.