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DIshonored 2 update for PC to improve performance and frame rate issues

by: Kinsey -
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If you bought Dishonored 2 on PC in November, chances are you might have stepped away from it due to poor performance issues - especially the frame rate. However, Arkane and Bethesda recently released a new patch that addresses the woes of the PC community, so if you slipped out of Emily or Corvo's shoes it might be time to put them back on for a while. 

Patch 1.3, which was recently released from beta and put up on Steam, addresses multiple bugs with rendering, displays (particularly on multiple-monitor systems), and user interface. The newly-updated game, though it doesn't run perfectly on PC, is definitely improved, with lots of the bumps smoothed out in performance.

I've been having a lot of fun with this game and haven't experienced many performance issues on my main platform, but I can definitely imagine how unenjoyable it must be with frame rates as low as 30 FPS. I'm happy for you, PC users. Now go and regain some honor.

Check out the full patch notes here on Steam.