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GTA Online CEO Bonuses and Player discounts

by: Aidan -
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In preparation for thePlayers can earn double GTA $ and RP on certain game modes to celebrate the newest update to GTA Online. Also available are discounts on key items including the much coveted  Executives and Other Criminals and Further Adventures in Finance and Felony.

Executives and Other Criminals Further Adventures in Finance and Felony

Turreted Limo - 50% off

Executive Offices - 50% off

Declasse Mamba - 25% off

Assistant Services - 50% off

Gallivanter Baller (Armored & Standard, all models) - 25% off

All FAFF Clothing - 50 % off

Enus Cognoscenti (All models) - 25% off

Vehicle Upgrades from Warehouses - 25% off