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Arizona Sunshine locks two modes if you don't have a certain type of CPU -Update Vertigo Games removed the limitation-

by: John -
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I've seen a lot of exclusive items in video games, but this might be a brand new one. Arizona Sunshine, a VR zombie shooting game that shows a lot of promise, locks out two modes unless you have an Intel 5th generation or greater i7 CPU.

That's right. If you don't have one of the more expensive processors out there, you won't be able to play two game modes until March of 2017.

The two modes are single player horde mode and apocalyptic mode, where it's the highest difficulty in the game. 

Needless to say, this isn't going over well with a lot of consumers. I understand you need to throw a bone to those that help you out, but locking out two modes for three months because you don't have a certain type of CPU is kind of ridiculous. 

I was really looking forward to playing Arizona Sunshine, but this is one game I'm going to pass on because of practices like this.

-Update- And the developers have removed the restriction. Let's hope this is a lesson for all others to not try and do this in the future. The last thing we need in gaming is features locked because we don't have a certain type of hardware.

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