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New Persona 5 trailers introduce our newest confidants

by: Nathan -
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One of the most popular features of the Persona series, starting with Persona 3 and then in Persona 4 was the Social Link system. With the Social Link system you could hang out with certain individuals and the more you ranked them up the more power Personas of the same Arcana would earn during Persona fusions. It wasn't just being able to gain more power for your Personas, but it was also the fact that each character has their own story which you could experience the more you hang out with them. In certain cases, you may also find love as well. 

This time, in Persona 5, these individuals are called "confidants" and not only will these characters give you a power boost for Persona fusion, but some of them may also give you access to special items as well. Muneshia Iwai will unlock a wider selection of gear, discounts and the option to customize airsoft guns. Tae Tekemi will give you access to stronger health potions and consumables that help during fights and Sojiro Sakura will allow you to create coffee and curry that can be consumed in dungeons to restore SP. 

Check out their descriptions and their character trailers below. 

Munehisa Iwai

  • This frightening looking individual is the proprietor of Tokyo's finest airsoft gun shop called Untouchable. Since the Phantom Thieves need to arm themselves against all types of enemies, you can see why keeping a man like Munehisa close is important. Helping him out will unlock a wider selection of wares, discounts, and even an option to customize certain airsoft guns! If you're a gun nut, you definitely want to stay in this guy's good graces.

Tae Takemi

  • If you're feeling under the weather, you may want to stop by Tae Takemi's medical clinic. Even though it's located in a shady alley, her clinic is THE place to treat any injuries sustained during Phantom Thieving. Helping Tae with her "experiments" unlocks stronger health potions and consumables that can help turn the tide during fights. Yes, she may have a dubious reputation, but who else are you going to rely on for medicinal needs?

Sojiro Sakura

  • After the protagonist is given a second chance in Tokyo, he's reluctantly taken in by Cafe Leblanc owner Sojiro Sakura and temporarily calls the attic of the café his home. If the protagonist chooses to help run the café throughout the game, Sojiro will teach him various coffee and curry recipes. How does that help the Phantom Thieves, you ask? Well, crafted coffee and curry can be consumed during dungeon crawls to restore SP. That's pretty important, so be sure to stay on Sojiro's sweet side in order to get those recipes! Oh, and he'll also drop some fun facts about coffee here and there if you're into that sort of thing.

Persona 5 launches on PS3 and PS4 on April 4th 2017


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