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Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite gameplay trailer shows 2 more contenders

by: Jeremy -
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As Russell posted earlier this weekend, a new Marvel vs. Capcom is in deed on the way for 2017. Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite was revealed over the weekend, finally putting an end to the rumors that had been circling for weeks. The announcement came with a pre-rendered trailer showing off the first 4 characters in the game: Ryu, Mega Man X, Iron Man, and series newcomer Captain Marvel.

A few hours later, Capcom released the first gameplay trailer for the game highlighting the same 4 characters, showing fans exactly what the game would look like in action, and it definitely didn’t disappoint. The game looks absolutely fantastic in motion, using a similar visual style to what MvC3 utilized. However, it looks a thousand times better this time. The gameplay trailer also confirmed the fact that the infinity stones are going to play a major role in the game. This is something that we haven’t seen since 1995‘s Marvel Super Heroes.

An extended version of the gameplay trailer, which you can see below, was released to the internet that shows 2 more additional fighters joining the fight: Captain America and Morrigan. This brings the roster to a total of 6 so far, with 5 returning characters and 1 brand new one. With the rumors that the X-Men will be completely eliminated from the game, who do you think we’ll see joining the roster in the coming months?