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Mass Effect: Andromeda gets a training video?

by: Rob -
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I do like when developers come up with more interactive and interesting ways to promote their products than just standard trailers and gameplay videos. Don't get me wrong, I love trailers. I often enjoy the trailers in the cinema more than the movie. There's just something about unbridled hype. Even so, going deeper into lore and backstory and creating a sense of immersion in a game, even before it's in my hands, is something to be celebrated.

And with that goes a tip of the hat to BioWare for their Mass Effect: Andromeda training hub video. It plays out a little like an advertisement from the old Starship Troopers franchise: "Would you like to know more?" As we follow the video each point of interest gets a little sidebar that can be navigated to or ignored and by the end we're as up to speed on Andromeda, the gear to be used there, and the mission at hand as we want to be. 

The training hub can be found on the official site at: https://www.masseffect.com/andromeda-initiative/training-hub/arks-and-nexus There's no way to really link the interactive experience below, so I'll just leave the Cinematic Reveal Trailer there to hold us over with some of that unbridled hype. Mass Effect: Andromeda releases sometime in the spring of 2017. Don't forget to check out the newly released gameplay footage we wrote about yesterday.