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Street Fighter V holiday content coming soon

by: Jeremy -
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With Christmas just around the corner, Capcom figures it is the perfect opportunity to release some new costumes and content for Street Fighter V. The company announced on the Capcom Blog that a batch of holiday themed costumes and a special stage will be launching very soon. The exact release date will be announced this weekend during the PlayStation Experience.

As for the new stage, you’ll be looking at a festive variation on Alex’s New York stage. It will be complete with snow, lights, and tons of ornaments. There are also 6 new themed costumes for various characters, including Zangief, R. Mika, and Ken. The premium costumes will run you $3.99 a piece and include colors 1 through 10. The stage will be $1.99 or 40k fight money. If you have to have them all, there will be a special bundle for $19.99, which saves you roughly $6. You will have to act fast though as this content will only be available through January 17, 2017.